B&W: 2013 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

The El by Bruce R. Croffy
Parking Garage by Ray Tatyrek
Lines and Patterns by Jeff Clay
Union Station by Philip Earl
Sink Room by Jeffrey Braxton
Moulin by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Space Needle by John D. Wilkins
Old House by Jay R. Powell
Urban Composition by Takanori Tsuji
Untitled 3 by Benjamin Liew
Clouds by Len Blau
Abandoned Mill #2 by Abigail Gossage
Vina Chapter House by Joel Reinhard
Brickworks 1 by Rachel Schneiderman
Stairs and Shadows by Robert Steffen
Planes by Albert S. Popoli
Wijnhaeve by Dave Bowman
Holocaust by Joanne Scherf
Log Barn by Colin Traquair
Who's There by Dennis Fritsche
A House by Margaret Crowley Kiggins
Underneath by David Quinn
Boom Island Bridge by Jennifer Bong
San Jose de Gracia 1 by Michael Ulm
Sathorn by Chakrit Yau
No Exit 4 by Anna Capaldi
Untitled 1 by Albert S. Popoli
Grain Elevator 1 by Steve Siegel
Corridor by Deborah Koplen
The Clinic - Alcatraz by Barbara Buchholz Collins
Oregon Barn by Jim Sinsheimer
Coffee Break by Eduardo Fujii
Urban Scape by Wajid Drabu
Spiral Stairs by Tom Green