B&W: 2013 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Wall Ladder by Tom Green
Old Crane by Dave Bowman
Oregon City Mill #11 by Ray Tatyrek
Convergence of Lines by Susan B. Griffith
Abandoned Home by Mark van der Wal
Steal by Donald Thornsburry
Bridge at Halong Bay by Hugh Jones
Gone through the Wood by Tien-Han Chang
No Exit 1 by Anna Capaldi
Closed by Stuart Brontman
Through the Window by Shifra Levyathan
Stone Arch Bridge by Jennifer Bong
Montparnasse by Elizabeth Rand
Smelting Furnace by John Howard
Abandoned  Mill #1 by Abigail Gossage
Abandoned Farm by Ken Driese
Weathered by Heather McAlister
Westside Road by Heather McAlister
The Getty by Jeff Clay
Abandoned Farm with Cistern by Ken Driese
Library Stairs by Susan Gendron
Light and Shadow by Barbara Bender
Furnace by Fiona Keyes
Third Avenue Bridge by Jennifer Bong
Boston Church by Len Blau
Inside Birkenau by Barbara Buchholz Collins
City of Arts and Science by Jorge Remolina
Reaching for the Sky by Shifra Levyathan
Park Hill Stairs by Roger Lieberman
The Holy City by Fred DeFilippo
Manhattan Pier by Carolyn Guild
Upstairs 4119 by Armando Cardoso
The RAI by Dave Bowman
The Bridge by Mary Woodman