Morning by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Golden Gate Fog by Len Blau
Industrial  Beauty by Toni Wallachy
Courthouse by Carol Keller
Columns and Clouds by Richard Mason
Basilica Cistern by Anna Ida Zajbert
Abbey Wall by Tom Green
Waltzing Matilda by Hugh Jones
Old Akko Church by Jack Ronnel
Hallway by Lu Zhang
TwoTowers-0028 by Alex Braverman
Abbey Staircase by Lee Grossman
Detached by Ralph Henzler
Boathouse by Rachel Schneiderman
De Maastoren by Dave Bowman
Bens by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Stairway to... by Alan Wood
Untitled 2 by Edward Wheeler
Titan by Don Jacobson
Steps by Seta Karabadjian
Abandoned Silo by Rita Pignato
Metro by Lois Alexander Mandel
Biker by David Johns
Half Day Half Night 2 by Huang Zhun
Roman Stone #5 by Rob Haff
Past Present by Patricia Postma
Night at The Rocks by Annette Willis
Glass Monolith by Ari Plosker
Fort Morgan by James C. Wallar
Vegas Heights by Jenn Lawrence
First Snow by Marshall Gould
Demolished Building by Dan Nanni
Brooklyn Bridge at Dawn by Susan Gendron
Forgotten Silos by David R. Kosiur
Guest Chambers by Deborah Koplen
Lonsdale Warehouse by Fiona Howarth
Arlington National Cemetery by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Eppur si Muove by Mayumi Yoshimaru
Hotel Room by Beth Forman
Fonthill by Anna Capaldi
Bird in Flight by Edwin George Close II
World Trade Center by Glenn Bering
Warehouse by Larry E. Jones
Indian Portal by Scott Amling
The Window by Dan Richard Barber
Hallway -  Gaudí's Casa Batlló by Nancy R. Knutson
Corner by Albert S. Popoli
Big Window by Len Blau
Round Church by Fred DeFilippo
Abandoned by David Quinn