B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Chiaroscuro by Gloria Pereyra
Buffalo Carts by Dan Plunkett
Rescue Box by Bert Wolfe
Her-Cu-Matic by Alan Wood
Ranchita Monster by Rik Palm
The Message by Edward Ries
Open by Robb Johnson
Bike Rake by Richard Wilson
Retired by Deborah Koplen
Raccoon by Dan Nanni
628 by Steve Burkett
Crossed Rails End of the Line Railyard by Shawn Hays
Fisherboats by Ralf Palm
The Shadow Knows by Sheridan Vincent
Mother and Child by Alan Jay Alejandro
The Chair by Dan Richard Barber
State of Maine by Mary Woodman
On Sale Now by Dale LaFollette
Railway by Shinya Ichikawa
Neon Martini by Scott Hoyle
Spice Added by Anna Capaldi
Backyard Artifact by Jane A. Spencer
Floating Heads by Susan B. Griffith
The Turning Point by Christer Nexmark
Broken Fence by Dan Nanni
Waiting by Allan R. Lamb
Hood  Ornament by Ron Discipulo
Frozen Fury by Kevin Scanlon
Andi Dreaming by Alex Hoffmaister
Abandoned Shack 2 by Nathan Caplan
Doll Heads by Carole Usdan
Mario's Palace by Annette Willis
Frosted Tires by Herbert Swick
Five Dollar Room by Jim McMahen