B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Music / Sports / Dance

Traces XXIV by Jacqueline Walters
On The Track 1 - Union Fair by Ann L. Krumrein
Untitled 1 by Keith Broadhurst
Break at Crystal Pier by Mike Spector
Jamie Lays It Down by Michael Gora
The Rehearsal 101 by Richard Tucker
The Farm by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Balance by Anthony Gordon
Boxing by Oliver Stegmann
Untitled 1 by Cynthia P. Hunter
Alone with the Sea by William Acosta
Maggot Fest 01 by Peter Tucker
Mark by Chris Whitney
Old Man and the Sea by Wendy Roche
Beardo by Pak Han
Charros by Gray Hawn
Aileen 1 by Ronald E. Compton
Adrenaline by Hengki Lee
Champion of Steers and Pool by Thomas E. Rollins
Dance by Richard Man
Untitled 6 by Yvon Joidoin
Motion #1 by Bill Cameron
The Jump by Juan C. Jimenez
Belly Dancing by Rui Jorge da Cunha Machado Aguiar
Curtis in the Middle by Joycelyn Elaine Wilson
Jogger by I. Jacob Weingarten
Coming on Track by Brian Anderson
Spanish Dancer 1 by Tim Slaven
Backstretch Morning by Juliet Harrison
Butterfly Biker by Carol Mikkelson
Rhythm by Herminio Alberti
Water Birth Redux by Edward R. Sancious
Yoga 1 by Dennis Couvillion
Street Survival 2 by Jack J. Jenkins
Hockey on Lake Erie by Kara Wilson
Arturo Sandoval by Dailey Pike
Drag 'Em In by Shanna Mae Swanson
Emotional Impact by Sheri Belanger
Missa Brevis 2 by Bahman P. Tabaei
Flyfishing by J L Tyler