B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Alternate Route by Lee Grossman
Big Ben by Michael Flicek
Entry by Dona Corben
Time by Leann Chaney
Waiting for the Train by D. Keith Furon
Belger Weave 119 by Richard Lotman Brown
Staircase by Pierre Laroche
Alcatraz Exit by Tom Green
Fort Casey 3925 by Bob Neiman
Shapes Of Presence VII by Igor Svibilsky
Castle Window by Steve Dzerigian
Untitled 01 by Arthur Ransome
Bird in Flight by Elsa Mota Gomes
Abbe de Silvacane #1 by Paul Hetzel
Bridge in Fog by Paul Roelofs
Station 4 by Richard Tucker
Monastary 12 by Allan R. Lamb
Entrance to the Labyrinth by Michael Miner
Untitled 2b by Bruce Blum
Venetian Gallery 1 by Sophia Koopman
Destination by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Untitled 12 by Richard Wagner
Road Construction IX by Keith Blandford
Scaling by Alan Bartlett Jr.
Ghost Runner by Ron Discipulo
Jail Block View No.1 by Cynthia Merzer
House Cleaning by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Mauricio Baez Bridge by William Acosta
Curves by Darrell Sano
Cathedral by Wolfgang Sulzer
Brach's Candy Factory #1 by Rick Kramer
Dissolution Recent Work From Detroit 10 by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Circles on the Ceiling by Fee Chin
Route 302 by Miranda Gatewood
Big John #6 by Hal Kaye
Mabry Mill by William L. Witmer
Structural Abstraction 1 by Bob Johnson
Monhegan #3 by Alan Hans
Prison Courtyard by Seta Karabadjian
Grainery by Mark McCoy
Basillica by Joseph Corrado
Archway by Carolyn Doucette
Prairie House 1 by Jane DeGross
Untitled 1 by Chuck King
55 Water Street (terrace) by Mick Andreano
Bridge by Darren Paskal
Abandoned Industry 1 by Joel Kubicki
Korean Bell by Helene Apuzzo
Bahai Temple by Jay Spilker
Bradbury Building by Won-il Chung