Turtle by Kenneth Tyson
Running of the Bison by Scott Joshua Dere
Birds Attacking by Shanti Golden
Dragonfly with Ruby Eyes by Jon K. Meyer
Dogs' Fight by Silvestre Machado
Talking Away by Carolyn S. Cogan
Kestrels by Eric Burrows
Doe in The Mist by Bob Miller
Pretty Blink by Chrystina Geagan
Bird on Wire by Carol MacLeod
Untitled 6 by Jennifer Walker
Frigatebird Mates by Larry Kincaid
Uneasy by Ian Lee
Koi by Jan Wolyniak
Watercolor Birds by Mitford Fontaine
Iiwi Taking Flight by Christina Heliker
Horse Guard by Paolo Ameli
Catfish Killer by Scott Joshua Dere
Marsh 5 by Doris Marie Williams
Ant on Skunk Cabbage by Jan Wolyniak
Mutt Shot by Barbara Ford Doyle
Sniff by Tammy Wigington
Wharf Lane by Mary Woodman
Psychedelic Peacock by Dolores Smart
Marsh 2 by Doris Marie Williams
Lioness and Cubs by Bob Miller
Marsh 1 by Doris Marie Williams
African Crane by Sandra Hein
Eye of the Beholder by Dennis Fritsche
Surfs Up by Eric Burrows
Armson Horse Leg by Joel Cossrow
Flight by Janeen Macrino
Guacamaya by Alejandro Aldaco
Echinacea by Virginia S. Metevia
Bird Bath by Alan Wood
Camouflaged 4 by Janeen Macrino
Iditarod Pups by Ian Lee
Marsh 6 by Doris Marie Williams
Orangutan by Steven R. Ryf
Electric Blue Dragonfly by Jon K. Meyer
Presenting Dinner by Scott Joshua Dere
Tiger Swallowtail by Jon K. Meyer
River Dipper by John Walter Barker