B&W: 2012 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Play by Gabriel Stanciu
Coffee Time by David McCleery
Guardian by Richard Tucker
Feeding Pigeons by Bruce Wilkinson
Triste by Aaron Marko
Artemis by Vangelis Vassalakis
Lost in TV Land by Patricia Sweeney
Anne by Vangelis Vassalakis
Untitled 02 by Barbara Warren
49th Street by Paolo Burlando
Geisha by Toni Wallachy
Night Snow Fairy by Christy Kruse
Forever by Martin Deben Sanchez
Mandi by Tom Fleming
Jump by Magnus Karlson
The Necklace by Anne De Geer
Oana by Gabriel Stanciu
Lotte by Rene Roalf
Christina at the Gate by Edwin George Close II
I Feel Love by Stan Singer
Image 9 by Don Russell
Man with Feather by Kathryn Henley
Rickshaw Man by Dennis H. Miller
The Young Watcher by Suzi Moore McGregor
Barbecue in the Park by Liz Palm
Old Man by Alan Kornfeld
Pierrot by Anne De Geer
Basketball Ballerina by Janeen Macrino
Walker's Black Eye by Kaye Kittrell
Broken Beauty by Scott Fowler
Sophia by Johannes Rigal
Tre donne 7 by David Storey
Undertaker's Daughter by Dave Wood