B&W: 2010 Single Image

Metaphor / Abstract

Visual Concerto by Jeremy Lindstrom
The Specialist by Shadow of Light Project
Callligraphy by Michael E. Gordon
Dr. Pepper by Jordan Douglas
The Shadow in Between Us by Seyda Deligonul
Shadow by Tim Mize
Apocalyptic Horse by Alejandro Zulas
Evidence by Timothy C. Flood
Origin by Jessica Somers
Adrenalin by Tootie Nienow
Cecilia by Ron Faris
Sansevieria by Kevin M. Corcoran
Monitor by Barbara Bender
Untitled 21 by Nick Johnson
The Girl in the Bubble by David Bowman
Good and Evil by Tootie Nienow
Let Me In by Erwin G. Markowitz
Hypnotic Break by Alejandro Zulas
Untitled 5 by Larry Hurlbut
I Think It Moved by Daniel Rarela
Untitled 3 by Larry Hurlbut
Movement by Tim Brill
Dreamscape 1 by Howard Grill
Chiron by John Paul Davis
On the Nature of Reality (Light Rain) by Steve Huth
White on White by Barbara Bender
Untitled by Cory Rice
Waterfalls by Richard M. Caplan
Dancing Dali's Mind's Eye by John Paul Davis
Abstract No 1 by Giuseppe Violetta
Mr. C and the Bad Dream by John D. Wilkins
Scoped Out by Tanita Leets
Hurried Lovers by Pierrot Jeannot
Scorched by Susan Stone