B&W: 2010 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Alice by Heiner Pflug
Dash by Dustin Lamb
Art Lover by Bill Bain
Son of a Beach by Jason Jolley
Seven Year Old Noise Machine by Barbara Bender
Friendly by Aaron Marko
Brothers by John Muchow
Refugee Boys by Thomas G. Hocker
Bearded Man at Horse Show by Richard Tucker
Civil War Soldier by Lorri Freedman
Sidewalk Artistry by Philip Gornicki
Untitled by Liz Murphy Thomas
Untitled #4 by Fred Valentin
Linda by George W. Seitz
Maya at 4 by Jennifer A. Ervin
Down by Anastasia Chernyavsky
Graciela in Havana by Victoria Montoro Zamorano
Quinn by Mary McBride
The Beekeeper's Helper by Bill Bain
Double Hidden by Ana Straze
Shattered Dream by Randall Boardman
Lora & Charlie by R.L. Geyer
Waiting for Daddy by Jamie Johnson
Steel Worker by Thomas G. Hocker
Cynthia by Keith Broadhurst
Untitled by Brittney Cook
Coffee Break by Randall Boardman
Roma Children of Kesan by Raymond van Tassel
Young Man of the Sahara by Robert Goldstein
Theodore Eugene Brown by Richard Lotman Brown
Will by Ron Faris
Self Portrait by Tim Coy
Girl on Beach by George E. Sperzel