White Gater by Ronald J. Dietel
Horse and  Snowfall by Adrian Roland Davis
Guard Duty by Clint Saunders
Just Legs by Michelle Zudrell
Czavana by Dana Wakefield
Pigeon Convention by Hal Kaye
Remember When by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Lars 3 by Virgil DiBiase
Cow by Tess Abts
B Busy by Tanita Leets
Untitled 3 by Gordon Chou
Wild Horses 14 by Clint Saunders
Circus Camel by Glenn Bering
Bison in Fog by Philip V. Augustin
Caged by Benjamin Liew
Ass by Virgil DiBiase
Nana by Uri Mahlev
Duckling by Bill Bain
Approaching by Alejandro Zulas
Bogey by Jim Chebuhar
Doe in Mist by Robert Miller
Web Designer by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Tormented Bull by Andrew Albert Flannigan
Gator Pad by Babara House
Steelhead by Lee Grossman
Psittacine by Blake D. Dieters
Trio by Seyda Deligonul
Penguin Poo by Bill Bain
Man-o-War by Michelle Zudrell
Geese by Brad Isaacs
Alpine Grasshopper by Scott Fowler
Something to Crow About by Blake Shaw
Butler and Miss Marple by Virgil DiBiase
The Watcher by Peter Boyadjieff