Digital Conceptualization

Figurative 12 by Julius Friedman
Castrati by Bruce R. Croffy
Broken Marriage by Jeff Wiles
And Tonight by Jay Schadler
Shit Head by Brian Barrer
King of Hearts by Sharon Arnold
Stop 2 by Erin Sparler
Little Devil by Jeff Wiles
Oausieu Chapeau by Brian Barrer
Dreams of the Sacrifice 10 by Gene Newell
Infrastructure by Robert Steffen
Dreams of the Sacrifice 8 by Gene Newell
Flying Suitcase by Heiner Pflug
In the Fog #5 by Andrea Miatto
Fate by Bruce R. Croffy
Captian Jack Sparrow by Brian Barrer
Barkameleon in its Element by John F. Johnson
Calliope by Robert Petersen