Morning Shadows by William L. Witmer
Breathing Light by Jake Morrison
Untitled #9 Zion NP by Michael Scherlacher
Snow on the Barrens by Ann L. Krumrein
Waves of Wheat #2 by Massimo Pedriali
Aspen Trees II by Perry J. Resnick
In the Mist by Sylvia M. Banks
Snowing by Gifford Ewing
Willows 6 by Linda Koopman
Angel Wings by Julio M. De Pena
Monument Valley by Henry A. Joseph
King Ranch by Carlyle P. Johnson
Columbia Gorge Meadow by Scott Hoyle
Jeffery Pine by Steven McBurnett
Reaching by Jeff Clay
Desert Contrast by Stefini Borcoman
Untitled 9 by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Turmoil in the Sky 2 by Malcolm Mosher Jr.
Sea Pine by Massimo Pedriali
Stow Lake #5 by Mitsu Yoshikawa
On the Back Road by Jon Glaser
The Peconic by Elizabeth J. Holmes
Living with the Wind by Jon Meyer
Western Landscape #9 by Paul Elliott
Nordic Solitude 5 by Guy Gagnon
Half Dome - 1 by David Martin
Grand Canyon 3 by Thomas S. Parry
Cliff Face by Herbert Swick
Desierto by Graham French
Desert Boulders 11 by Steve Burkett
Winterscape by Chris Kovacs
In Campagna #8 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Melton Lake Park by Nicholas Bell
Untitled 3 by Laura Rossi
Landscape #7 by Paul Elliott
The Height of Tree by Juan Herrera
Stopping by Jodie Hulden
Untitled 3 by John H. Cho
Stretching by Tom Sliter
Wind Sculpture 10 by Sanford Davis
Soft Sunrise over White Sands by Timothy Needham
Untitled 3 by Burak Yazicier
Juniper by Massimo Pedriali
Canyon Light by Dennis Fritsche
Washer Woman Arch Sunrise by Jeff Clay
Autumn Black Oak Forest by Lon Overacker
Val d'Orcia 2 by Andreas Bruglacher
Arching Oaks in Winter by Lane Wilson
Memories of Patagonia – First Light on the Fitz Roy Range by Mike Crane
Bronx River by Hugh Holt