Pattern / Texture

Window Treatment #9 by Lee Grossman
Time Passage 2.52003b by Barbara House
Heads 2 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Death Valley Abstraction 4 by Linda Barsotti
Winter Morn 2 by Ronald Nichols
windy bluff by David Wade
Ghostly Sky by Kip Folker
39th Street by Paul F. McMillan
Hidden by Scott Helmes
Rope Odyssey In BLue #267 by Keith Waldrum
Abstraction by Michael Dingley
Untitled 3 by Timothy Ellis Johnson
Time Line by Rosemary H. Williams
Christmas Globe 3 by Dave Skinner
Salvage Yard #3 by Gary E. Miller
Spoons # 8 by Charles W. Gilbert
Colour Glass by Dave Skinner
Boat Deck in the Rain by Yash Holbrook
SL257a. Los Angeles by Gregory Talley
Tattered Tarp # 7 by John Talbert
Ice Bark IV by Annekathrin Hansen
Sand and Stone Composition 4 by John A. Foltz
River View Blue Foam by Thomas Dimaio
06 by Brandon Lee
Morning Light 04 by Eric Holland
RockHard#1 by Lee Musgrave
Rope Odyssey In Blue #264 by Keith Waldrum
Heads 5 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Glass Kite by Jim Colando
Heads 4 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Maple by Julius Friedman
Boshing 11 by C E Morse
Albany Fields by Mark Greenland
Threshold 2 by Kelley Stapleton
LicketySplit#3 by Lee Musgrave
Kalei Shuffle by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Colorfield Sixteen by Patricia Wilder
Broken Blue by Jim Colando
Dream and Trance and Danse by Francois Breton
Tattered Tarp # 4 by John Talbert
Morning Light 01 by Eric Holland
Leaves 001 by Robert Petersen
Untitled 2 by Timothy Ellis Johnson
Footprints by Kazimierz Salwa
LightStreamed#3 by Lee Musgrave
Untitled 8 by Timothy Ellis Johnson
Holding It In by Yash Holbrook
11 River of Light by Jurgen Dopatka
Flora 09-132 by Roe Anne White
Untitled 3548 by Shane Robinson