Pattern / Texture

Silhouette - Not Only  Ring by Silvio Balestra
Annino Station 2 by Chris deMatte
Unraveling Light by Susan B. Griffith
Shell #5 by Mary Woodman
Waterscapes-1 by Yiye Teng
Orange Glow by Joanne Scherf
Time Passage 3S.5233p by Barbara House
Untitled 2 by Janet Weaver
Sunrise II by Barbara Goodbody
Wave Length M25 by Andrew Stanford
Winter on the Beach 01 by Willem Bannink
Aeroport Station by Chris deMatte
Cloud Burst by Kip Folker
Jellyfish 08 by Alain Labbe
Salvage Yard #4 by Gary E. Miller
Detritus by Ralph Henzler
Salvage Yard #2 by Gary E. Miller
Soft Peak by Sara Yerkes
Untitled 1 by Izalia Roncallo
Sands of Time by David Wade
Reflections 7 by Christos Markou
Have a Nice Day by Grant Hamilton
Cotton Ball Sky by Kip Folker
Stacked Papers 4 by Susan B. Griffith
Deep Blues and Greens by Kathy B. Shapiro
Being by Ralph Henzler
Walking Nude by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Fractured by Bradford Dunlop
Cabin Fever by Kathy Carbonetti
Egg 682 by Marty Knapp
Kosmos 3 by Carlo Casanelli
Water Signature #89 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Sunrise IV by Barbara Goodbody
Crypt Wall by Vicki Weiss
Car Abstract 2 by Simone Koffman
Composition S--2 x 2 by Joan M. Ladendorf
Atrium by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
His Majesty by Laurits Haaning
Sandscape 4 by Scott Hoyle
When the Tide Drew Back by Lawrence Russ
At the Clun by Luoshu Chen
Silhouette - My Name is Black 2 by Silvio Balestra
Blue Man by Jim Colando
Bed Detail by Robert Hecht
Lite Form 12 by Stephen Bitel
Calligraphy 11 by Ludmilla Espiaube
Headlight #2907 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Pyrotechnic 40 by Jim Nickelson
Forms--Bubbles by Joan M. Ladendorf
Water Reflections 3 by Alex Hoffmaister