Pattern / Texture

Rope Odyssey In Blue #262 by Keith Waldrum
Abstract #5 by Myron Slabaugh
Venitian Mirrors by Felix Rivera
Desert Painting by Laurits Haaning
White on Black 1 by Paolo Mieli
Untitled 1 by Steve Ryf
Desvala 47 by C E Morse
Water Gods 8 by Jerome Skiscim
Illumination by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Relationship by John Manzi
Snowscape 4 by Kathy Carbonetti
Untitled 3 by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Patterns of Power 15 by Oliver Raschka
Eucalyptus by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Confronti Scrittura G by Silvio Balestra
Untitled 4 by Norman T. Robbins
Birch by Yash Holbrook
Endless by Ralph Henzler
Rocks 10 by Fabrice Strippoli
Color Signals 4 by Nicholas Dantona
Abstract #8 by Eric Wiswell
Rain Drops by Mike Grandmaison
Carnival #76 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Blue Note No 3 by Judy Ann Hoffman
Bubble by Mary Woodman
Ellipsoid 1 by Joanne Scherf
Through the Looking Glass by Irena Romovacek
Urchin by Mary Woodman
Untitled 3 by Izalia Roncallo
Time Electrified 5238p by Barbara House
Spruce Twig in Ice by Frank Kaczmarek
Reflections 4 by Christos Markou
Freewheeling by Jim Kelly
Sculpture 2 by John A. Foltz
Blinds by Norman T. Robbins
Midway Number Two by Bradford Dunlop
Nut n Rust by Michael R. Stoklos
Ferris Wheel by Jane Heater
Miner's Work by Laurits Haaning
Reflections at the Windspear 2 by Larry Hurlbut
Vatican Hoax by Laurits Haaning
Abstract #3 by Myron Slabaugh
Time Worn by Rosemary H. Williams
For Vincent by Laurits Haaning
Multicolor Wall by Gloria Flogler-Mancini
Chaos by Camden Ashley Hosea-Small
Plastic Basket Weave by Don Russell
Polar Bear by William L. Witmer
Bubble on Cracked Glass by Gregory Talley
Kiln Shelf by Marilynn Waters