Pattern / Texture

Steps by Kazimierz Salwa
Landscape Metamorphosis #9 by Francois Breton
Desvala 108 by C. E. Morse
Carnival #81 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
CONCEPT untitled 11 Triest Italy 2012 by Silvio Balestra
Aspen Rain by Bradley Bush
Sunrise I by Barbara Goodbody
Blue Note No 4 by Judy Ann Hoffman
Transformations #138 by Kristin Holcomb
Color 2 by Michael White
Ocean Rock 17 by Marc Sheridan
Perhaps a Bat by Louis Joyner
Lobster Moon #6 by Mary Woodman
Brushed Steel Panel # 1 by John Talbert
Ice Leaves by Annekathrin Hansen
In Pursuit of L by Laurits Haaning
Now or Then by Laurits Haaning
Sandstone concretions #9 by Christina Heliker
The Cosnos by Myron Slabaugh
Flamingo by Robert Voorhees
Chain Wall. Istanbul by Gloria Flogler-Mancini
Eucalyptus Bark 1 by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Untitled 7421 by Shane Robinson
Sand and Stone Composition 3 by John A. Foltz
The Birth of Light 10 by Jeremy Witt
Ebullience by Joanne Scherf
Leaves 005 by Robert Petersen
Holocaust Memorial #3 by Ralf Palm
Japanese Maple by Julius Friedman
Quest by Michael Dingley
Behind the Veil by Camden Hosea-Small
Light Doodling by Jim Colando
Flora-385 by Roe Anne White
Browga 15 by C. E. Morse
Kelp 1 by Thomas Grubba
Beach 3 by Paul R. Anderson
Carnival #31 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Whitewashed window by J. Scott Pollock
Original Sculpture by John A. Foltz
Cavaz 32 by C. E. Morse
Headlight #2781 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Randomness of Time by Rosemary H. Williams
Steps and Shadow by David Pantuso
Attack shadow by Robert Voorhees
Headlight #2751 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Bromance by Grant Hamilton
Window Treatment #9 by Lee Grossman
Time Passage 2.52003b by Barbara House
Heads 2 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Death Valley Abstraction 4 by Linda Barsotti