Pattern / Texture

Façade 3 by Jose Roberto  Bassul
Flowing Red by Jim Hutsler
Interior 1 by Tom Rutherford
Untitled 8 by Pat Willard
Rivulet by Mary Goodrich
Standing Seam Shadows 1 by Jane A. Spencer
Winter Afternoon by Charles Fillhardt
Out of Nowhere 5 by Daniela Gobetti
Macro Garlic Skin by Herminio Alberti
Magritte Inspired by Joan Moir
Alien Dome by William West
Stevie by PJ Reptilehouse
Houston Abstract Reflection No 2 by Clayton Gardinier
untitled8_Burlington by Kenneth C. Evans
Morning Joe by Ellen G. Ingram
Sprague Truck Window 3086 by Bob Neiman
Picnic Gazebo by Malcolm L. Edwards
Phantom Rib Cage by David L. Robertson
Tree Mushrooms by Robert J. Anderson
Spoon by Brian Koski
Blowing In the Wind 4 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
Abandoned 88 by Matthew Kuehn
Morning Light 08 by Eric Holland
Ancient Balustrades and Plastic Deck Furniture by Nathan Caplan
Zebra by Diane DeQuevedo
Rain Picture by Susan B. Griffith
Polaroid 665 Project IV by Jameson West
Bubble in the Park by Andrew Tershakovec
Untitled 1 by Jane Yudelman
Series Spirit & Matter  Synaptic Energy #6 by Silvio Balestra
Lake Champlain Ice Etchings 1 by Carl Rubino
Abstract 4 by Jack Feder
Abstract #24 by Myron Slabaugh
Lake Champlain Ice Etchings 7 by Carl Rubino
Everett Highlands 6 by Brian Gorman
Broken Zipper by KJ Byrd
Boothbay Ripples by C.E. Morse
Shadow Power III by Fred Carter
Haddon Hall by Stephen Hodgetts
Shedding Bark 9 by Jim Sinsheimer
Ghost Rider by Herbert Swick
Concentric Patterns by Robert Schwiebert
Paisley by Dennis Hodges
Abstract 1 by Jack Feder
Wara in 16 by PJ Reptilehouse
Gnarled Tree by Kip Absher
Angles of Flow by Brent A. Schoenfeld
Peju Light Shade by Kenyon Blower
Iceblur 3 by Mark Duff
Exploration by Kenneth C. Evans