Fire photogram by Natascha Auenhammer
Bubbles by Beamie Young
My Pathway by Robert Miller
outrunning demons by Mike Callaghan
Whirling 7 by Susan Tatterson
Crystal Dagger by Kathy Carbonetti
Alternate Mars 7 by Paul Italiano
Untitled 6 by Scott Young
Muro 03 by Elisabeth Bard
Bubbble and Squares by Gregory Talley
Rolled Up by Barbara Maker
Spring by Norman T. Robbins
Lake Eyre Aerial #1 by David Flanagan
Silverback by William L. Witmer
Boat Hull 3 by J.M. van Coutren
Sandstone concretions #3 by Christina Heliker
Location G. #7 by William Morningstar
Sag Canal RR Bridge Rivets by Lou Fischer
Raised by Time by Rosemary H. Williams
Fragment Reference #4 by William Morningstar
Looming Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Pressure Ridge Formations by Scott Fowler
Steel Spiral 4 by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Glacial Falls 07 by Clint Saunders
Viga Shadows by Weaver C Barksdale
Decaying Tank 4 by Bob Witkowski
Untitled 3 by Yvonne Todd
Underlying 9 by Tatsuro Nishimura
Muro 02 by Elisabeth Bard
X and O's by Charlotte Jackson
Zion Mono 66 by Allan R. Lamb
Aqua Stream by Lynne Garell
Bone by Beamie Young
Celestial Snow 9 by Jerome Skiscim
Untitled 7 by Yvonne Todd
Natural Geometries #4 by Jane Yudelman
Plywood #6 by Lee Grossman
Rivets Falling by Lou Fischer
Untitled No. 8 by Gerald Pisarzowski
936 FZE by Tim Brill
Railing Shadow by Hillary Greene-Pae
Driftwood by Richard Skidmore
Mask by Michael E. Woodward
Parking Lot #4 (Rocky) by Daniel Joder
Tendrils by Bernice Williams
Rivot Rust by Bente Andermahr
Nature Dolomiti Trentino 12 by Silvio Balestra
Untitled 03 by Kenneth C. Evans
Verglace by Kathy Carbonetti
On The Line by Stanley A. Singer