Pattern / Texture

Splash by Scott Hoyle
Ice in Ditch by David Jeffery
Feathers by Norman Robbins
Intersections by Paul Hetzel
Castles in the Sand by Steve Levinson
Lens by Thomas M. Barbara
Tree Abstract 8 by Laurel Fink
Forêt Imaginaire by Andre Giguere
D in 32 and 8 by PJ Reptilehouse
Underlying 5 by Tatsuro Nishimura
Untitled 1 by Myles Gallagher
Vivian in 3 by PJ Reptilehouse
Lasso the Moon by Layne Morgan
Total Solar Eclipse by Dana Holt
Boat Hull 4 by J.M. van Coutren
Fish Bones by Simon Scott
Jacobs Ladder  Hollywood Florida  2020 by Ira Dwoskin
Shadows 9 by Melinda Isachsen
Marching Toward the Light by Lynne Mass
Buffalo Sky by Bailey Ann Rosen
Abstract in Nature by David Kyungsoo Chun
Shredded Poster by Lee Grossman
Stage Lights by Adrienne Mountain
Icebergs Aerial by Steve Murray
Still Water by Adrian Newcombe
Abstract 00 by Jack Feder
Sundial Bridge 08 by Farrell Scott
Knot by William Bullard
Glowing Mountain by Mauricio Arango
Root by Richard Tucker
Blowing In the Wind 2 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
New Beginnings by Anastasia Pottinger
Out of This World 1 by Joe  Sack
Floating by Gwen Solomon
Canyon Tones by Dave Dillahunt
Sidewalk Impressions by Paul O'Brien
Getting Smashed 10 by David Cohen
Yip-Yip by Cintia Malhotra
Lines 7 by Michael A. McCullough
Midway Lights 1 by Simeon Posen
Untitled #4 by Claire Yaffa
Spacemall Morph by William West
Frozen by Gabriel Stanciu
Dragontail by William L. Witmer
Spheres by Dennis Fritsche
Water Reflections by Stan Kuran
Mylar Reflections 2 by Carl Rubino
Stencil 2 by Linda Morrow
Cape Disappointment 05 by Loren Nelson
Bubbles by Charles Colht