Pattern / Texture

Making a Point by Asha Walidah
Space 3 by John Manzi
Sandpattern10 by Robert Miller
Abstract 7907 by Shane Robinson
Milestone 7 by Fabrice Strippoli
Festival by Jim Colando
Shape 45 by Frank Merrem
Sandpattern8 by Robert Miller
Water 1 by Julius Friedman
sand pattern #7 solana beach by Jerry Kay
Houston St by Stephen A. Ronaghan
2 by Scott Helmes
Flora-87 by Roe Anne White
Seattle Alley by Will Parris
Deep Red Wall. San Miguelde Allende by Gloria Flogler-Mancini
Creating the living creatures by Gabriel Leither
Sign 7 by Scott Helmes
Tomales Barn 392 by Marty Knapp
sand pattern #4 solana beach by Jerry Kay
Bird on the Land by Mark Greenland
Glimpse of sunlight 4 by Izabela Maciusowicz
Location 42 Eleven by William Morningstar
Abstract#1 by Jack Challem
Distracted by Jamie Tracy
Dividing the Firmament from the  Water by Gabriel Leither
Strapped by David Pantuso
The Birth of Light 23 by Jeremy Witt
Abstract #7 by Myron Slabaugh
Cross Current by David Wade
AtavisticRevue#9 by Lee Musgrave
Sand Pattern 54 by Mary Goodrich
Peeling Wall by Robert Schwiebert
Sea of light 1 by Scott Pollock
Sea Sculpture--Rorschach 3 by Bill Prosser