Metaphor / Abstract

Dream Memory 5 by Diane Silverman
Lady of Shalott by Mark Greenland
Lily Buds by Dale Johnson
Endandered Species by Michael R. Ransdell
Joce by Joseph Barnett
Blue Pony by Curtis Salonick
Caledon Motion by Carol Rooney
Leaf Abstraction No. 10 by Robert McCurley
Meteor Shower by Byron O'Neal
Off The Wall by Fred Newman
Bedroom with Blue Hole by David Julian
Number 24 by C. E. Morse
Connected #4 by Taylor Graham
Untitled 16 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Heart Of Mine by Hengki Lee
Abstract Landscape 02 by Andrew Ilachinski
Rat Cat and Jake in Red by Gary Turchin
Dream Memory 10 by Diane Silverman
Emerald Dancer by Curtis Salonick
Blue Man by Fred Newman
Cloak Of Invisibility by Curtis Salonick
Secrets by Curtis Salonick
Pathological Matter by Clare Benson
Marwari Stallion 1 by Tom Chambers
The triptych (Agoraphobia) by Vladimir Frumin
Distortion by Lily Phan
Gardener Admiring the Fruits of his Labors by Gary Turchin
Fathoming Fathoms_N.C._2011 by Neil Craven
Cadillac Ranch by Dennis R. Ford
Tattoo Man disjointed by Dennis R. Ford
Lady in Red by Vicki Wilson Hunt
Sea Wall of Rust by Ralph Sammarco
Jean & Handprint by Joseph Barnett
Yang-04 by Alex Braverman