Metaphor / Abstract

Ashes by Sarah May
Less Dangerous by William Petrovic
Santeria #9 by Ilya Genin
Road Trip by Ron Hendricks
Phoenix by Lance Gifford
Twiggy by Scott Hoyle
Jan by J.H.A. Wiefferink
Punch - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
In its Natural Habitat #6 by Lee Grossman
Reganize by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Bicicletta Renascentista by Carlos Rozensztroch
Amsterdam 12 by Christos Markou
Speed Moo by Dave Robinson
Hands and Balloon by Mark Greenland
Leaf Abstraction No. 12 by Robert McCurley
Existence by Hengki Lee
Inadvertent Adventure of Sunny and Rat Cat by Gary Turchin
Abstract 4 by David Gillman
Unknown Dream by Michael J. Parker
Phoenix by Sarah May
Self-Portrait by Joycelyn Elaine Wilson
Burst 1 by Ricardo Rodriguez
Skinhead Proposal by Zelko Nadic
Clouds of Grief-The Psychoanalysis of Loss by Jon Meyer
Dream Hopping by Pohan Wu
Negro #6 by Everett C. Williams
The Conception by Pohan Wu
Ophelia by Barbara Manners
Sad by Nick Carulli
South African Silhouette by Elisabeth Groat
Life in the Fast Lane by Kara Wilson
Salgado and I by Elisabeth Groat
The Wood Nymph by Curtis Salonick
Shadow Play 4 by Shifra Levyathan