Metaphor / Abstract

Doleful by D. Peter Collins
Connected #2 by Taylor Graham
Footprint by Joseph Barnett
Up by Pablo F. Rivera
F in Red 1 by Art Ferrier
Silent Swimmer by Joseph Ruesing
Bouquet by Dennis Fritsche
Six Hundred Threescore and Six by James Pryor
Marna Bell 10 by Marna Bell
Marna Bell 02 by Marna Bell
Foreshadowed by Elisabeth Groat
Red Tulip by Dale Johnson
Nude Reconfigured #13 by Carole Usdan
The Birds by Hunter Wyatt-Brown
Beach Culture 8 by Brad Kim
Prelude To The Dream by Hengki Lee
Incognito by Vicki Wilson Hunt
Mika and the Dead Fish by Vladimir Frumin
Water Puppet by Lily Phan
Untitled6 by Francisco Barbedo
Barnes and Noble #6 by Ron Draxler
Cleaner Landscape by Mark W. Rockwood
Yang-05 by Alex Braverman
Head 1 by Lance Gifford
Burst 5 by Ricardo Rodriguez
Number 27 by C. E. Morse
A Potrait by Michael R. Ransdell
Communication by James A. Crawford
White Castle by James A. Crawford
Untitled 19 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Under the Boat Sunset by Ralph Sammarco
Could thie be Santa by Dale Johnson
Edwin by Clare Benson
Heteromorphic by James Pryor