Metaphor / Abstract

Impression by Hal Kaye
Elevator Shaft Red Line by Nick Fury
Abstract 2 by Nancy Richmond
On My Way by Laurits Haaning
Lantern by Byron O'Neal
End of the Game by Marco Vergano
Untitled 5 by Eli Matitiyahu
Waiting For The World To Change by Mary Doering
Abstract 1 by Nancy Richmond
InTo by Marco Petracci
Alien Brimstone by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Look Out by Fred Newman
Turrells Sky Space With Moon by Marilynn Waters
Poor comparison by Vladimir Frumin
Apocalypse by Matthew C. Miller
Thru the Glass Darkly by Lisa Folino
Collage 1 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Untitled 8 by James Cingone
Changing of the Guards (Bob Dylan) by Ernie Flowers
Untitled 8 by Carlyle Thompson
Lily Reflection by Dale Johnson
Hail Gameboy by Maddie Holbrook
Untitled by Chikiyo Jackson
Aspen Motion by Carol Rooney
Kitty Moreau by John F. Johnson
Fish in Glass by Richard Wagner
On Stage by Lance Gifford
Off-Season by Marco Vergano
Tinsel Town by Hunter Wyatt-Brown
Watchfull by Kathy B. Shapiro
Doleful by D. Peter Collins
Connected #2 by Taylor Graham
Footprint by Joseph Barnett
Up by Pablo F. Rivera