Metaphor / Abstract

Donald Duck by Shinya Ichikawa
Williamstown Pond by Jack Feder
Liberation by Elena Walsh
Seeing your Shadow 5 by Vasilios Sfinarolakis
Water #7 by Jack Gadamus
Amanda 1 by Carlos Martinez Ortiz
Abandoned Play by Susan B. Griffith
Untitled by James Aubry
Raptor Queen by Susan Mills
Memory of a Breakup by Magnus Karlson
Fish Eyes by Cole Carter
Flower Dance by Rosa Calderon
Little Nests by Jessica Somers
Alone#2 by Jarmo Honkanen
Cadets Walking by Statue by Jack Feder
The 5th Dimension Platinum Blond Particle Accelerator by Kenneth C. Evans
The Crucible by J. Michael Skaggs
A Light like Water by LeeAnne Mallonee
Cement Shoe Factory by Dan Richard Barber
Lost Identity 11 by Patricia Turo
Untitled 3 by Maris Martinson
Scarecrow by Lucy Dankova
High Contrast No. 1 by Gene Dominique
LAst Waltz by Wendy Roche
Hands by Dave Dillahunt
Whirlybird Baltimore 2012 by Carl Kizzier
Lover's Triangle by Ellen G. Ingram
Collage 10 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Anthurium 2 by Joseph Ruesing
Silence Can't Be Cut by Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Lone Rider by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Banshee by Susan Mills
Nude Reconfigured #44 by Carole Usdan
Doppelganger by Jerry Ranch