Metaphor / Abstract

Truckee Abstraction III by Laurits Haaning
Haircut by Becky McKenzie
Missing Thoughts by Zelko Nadic
Umbilical by Kirsten Hoving
Perseus Slays Medusa 02 by Barbara Warren
Is Anyone Home by Sean Hoisington
Leftist by Maddie Holbrook
Anchor Boy by David W. Porter
People at an Exhibition #3 by Marilynn Waters
Stormy Night by Suzi Moore McGregor
Message Overload by Scott Page
It Hurts on so Many Levels by Dennis Hodges
Westward Leaning by Ted Anderson
Untitled12 by Chad Wise
Untitled 7 by Fattah Zinnouri
Shadow Portrait by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Underwater Body Abstract 10 by Lani Doely
Glamour by Scott Hoyle
The Human Face Of Evil 7 by Curtis Salonick
Star Curve by Craig Siegel
Untitled 3 by Doug Rucker
Ashes by Sarah May
Less Dangerous by William Petrovic
Santeria #9 by Ilya Genin
Road Trip by Ron Hendricks
Phoenix by Lance Gifford
Twiggy by Scott Hoyle
Jan by J.H.A. Wiefferink
Punch - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
In its Natural Habitat #6 by Lee Grossman
Reganize by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Bicicletta Renascentista by Carlos Rozensztroch
Amsterdam 12 by Christos Markou
Speed Moo by Dave Robinson