Metaphor / Abstract

Karmella by Abigail Wellman
Self Portrait in Pittsburgh by Ron Hendricks
Yang-06 by Alex Braverman
Fresco Piper by D. Peter Collins
Missing the Good by Paul Matte
Tigger Moreau by John F. Johnson
Soft Landing by Michael Parvin
Psyche by Robin Ward
Trainting 31 by C. E. Morse
Fleeing Evil by Don Russell
Valley of the Dolls by Fee Chin
Trainting 18 by C. E. Morse
Walk In The Woods by Nicole Picard
Tomorrow by Hengki Lee
Collage 6 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Untitled 8 by Janet Weaver
Shadows by Michael Parvin
The Fog and The Church by Cristina Ellis
Bridge to Nowhere by Steve Ryf
Ephemeral #3 Evanston by Bob Tanner
Jenny's Blanket by Ron Hendricks
Hyena by Scott Hoyle
At The End by D. Peter Collins
Santeria #6 by Ilya Genin
Starry Night by Howard Nepo
Floating in Space by Jerry Eisner
Get Off the Chair! by Steven Dembo
Strange Angels 12 by Joseph Ruesing
Eruption by Byron O'Neal
Red Marking by Allan Goodman
The Watcher by Jerry Cohen
Transformation by Stacey Prince
Shooting Star by Stan Singer
Obstacles Math by Kirsten Hoving