Metaphor / Abstract

Curly Locks by John F. Johnson
Eyes by Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Nude Reconfigured #28 by Carole Usdan
Ghost Schooner by Joe Bauwens
Klingon Temple Entrance by Jan Wolyniak
Future by Josefina Rodriguez Marxuach
A Stiff Breeze by Susan Stone
Untitled 6 by Doug Rucker
Mask of Fiction by Stuart Lockett
The Moment that Could Not Last by Pohan Wu
Hareman Moreau by John F. Johnson
Flower Stitches and Rat Cat's Dream by Gary Turchin
Headlines 05 -Wind by Kirill Surov
Speed Graphic by Edward Feldmann
Praying by Stuart Zaro
Egghead by Michael Cheng
Traffic Lights by Aurelio Martinez
Girl With Bubblehead by Zelko Nadic
Snowstorm 5 by Corinne Planche
The Return of the Repressed by Jon K. Meyer
Forest Light Streaks by Allan Goodman
WindSurfer by James A. Crawford
A Land Filled with Wonder by Pohan Wu
The Bird Story by Susan B. Griffith
Fading Glory by Susan B. Griffith
Waiting by Jill Ediger
Aegir by Byron O'Neal
Abstract Bouquet by Chris Morrow
Ancient Romance by Maaike van Oorschot
The Guilt by Zelko Nadic
Marna Bell 01 by Marna Bell
Left out by Shifra Levyathan
Evening Pursuit by Pohan Wu
Dave's Farewell by Kat Moser