Metaphor / Abstract

Soul Sickness I by Clare Benson
Times Square On A Rainy Winter Night by Robin Herstand
Tunnel Vision by Michael Parvin
Leaf Abstraction No. 2 by Robert McCurley
Amsterdam 3 by Christos Markou
Dangerous Encounter by Joseph Ruesing
Scratch The Dog by Bradford Dunlop
Beyond the mask-San Francisco by Steve Wolowitz
Warp Speed by Barbara Bender
Jungle Children by Shanti Golden
Inner Scream by Zelko Nadic
Alien Passion by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Untitled 8 by Eli Matitiyahu
Amsterdam 5 by Christos Markou
Snow Globe Elvis by Kirsten Hoving
Angry Boy's Wall by David Julian
Line Up by Stan Singer
Bakemaster by Carol MacLeod
Untitled 6 by Janet Weaver
Leaf Abstraction No. 1 by Robert McCurley
Heavy by Byron O'Neal
Into-the-woods by Eduardo Fujii
Untitled 9 by Steven Cruz Leacock
World War IV by J. K. Morley
Blue Desert by Joe Bauwens
Silenced Twice by Carol Janik
Graffiti by Jon K. Meyer
Ice Bubbles by Allan Goodman
Nude Reconfigured #49 by Carole Usdan
Over the Rainbow by Fred Newman
Turn by Sarah May
Seeing the Light by Arthur Stein
Lost Soul Los Angeles CA 2010 by Dennis R. Ford
Homage to Salvador by Dennis R. Ford