Metaphor / Abstract

At the Exploratorium by Lee Grossman
Sense of Place Triptych 1 by Steve Dzerigian
The Pope by Vladimir Kabelik
Abstract Plastic 3 by Robert Gillich
Chiaroscuro Dream #4 by Ed Ries
Collage 8 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Beach Culture 2 by Brad Kim
Holgafied 2 by Edmond L. Bridant
Snowstorm 1 by Corinne Planche
Red Scarf Monet by Jon Kolkin
Untitled 1 by Doug Rucker
2 Cool 2 Care by Dennis Hodges
Punx Not Dead by Dennis R. Ford
Patriot At The Wall by Bill Mauzy
Dreamscapes 4 by Howard Grill
Dinner Date by Colleen Hines
Snowstorm 4 by Corinne Planche
Long Arrow by Joseph Barnett
Mirrored Flags by Ewa Messner
Abstract 1 by David Gillman
Distant Memories by Wendy Roche
Bird Shadows by Del Hoffman
Mountain Maples by Joe Bauwens
Sense of Place_ Triptych 2 by Steve Dzerigian
Impression-12-5 by Hal Kaye
Lost Identity 10 by Patricia Turo
Graffiti Man by Fred Newman
Abstract 3 by David Gillman
Ophelia After by Barbara Manners
Perseus Slays Medusa 11 by Barbara Warren
Halemaumau Improvisation by Joseph Ruesing
Exit & Bldg by Joseph Barnett
Yang-02 by Alex Braverman
Once Bitten by Tom Chambers