Metaphor / Abstract

Face with Extra Hair by Carole Usdan
Emotions of Space 8 by Kelley Stapleton
Scapularis Remissa Maria by Jane-Anne Egerton
Animal - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
The Passing - Part II by Joseph A. Rotindo
Breakthrough by Robert Moran
Wrapped Statue G by Dolores Smart
Untitled 5 by Steven Cruz Leacock
Untitled II by Ellen Semb Hagen
Worship by Ellen Semb Hagan
Going Up by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Santeria #11 by Ilya Genin
Megan 5 by Ken Ball
Seen by Julia Forrest
Stand or Die by Mike Callaghan
Dust Mask by Scott Fowler
Easy Travel by Lee Grossman
Contemplation by Richard Mason
Lady Screw-Jack and Walking Stick Man by Les Allen
Just out of Reach by Hengki Lee
Untitled 3 by Diane Silverman
As Time Turns by Laurits Haaning
Call 911 by James L. Amos
Dreamscapes 5 by Howard Grill
Shadows by Karen Santos
Fear by Susan Mills
Four #3 by Tim Fabian
It's A Miracle by Gerhard Clausing
Sunrise Bridge by David Ruderman
Z 1 by Dennis Usdan
Untitled by Elin Dehn Dolle
Mirrored Existence by Robert Chrosciewicz
Visitor Series #86 by Carl Rubino
The Rapture by Susan Stone