Metaphor / Abstract

Worship by Ellen Semb Hagan
Going Up by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Santeria #11 by Ilya Genin
Megan 5 by Ken Ball
Seen by Julia Forrest
Stand or Die by Mike Callaghan
Easy Travel by Lee Grossman
Contemplation by Richard Mason
Lady Screw-Jack and Walking Stick Man by Les Allen
Just out of Reach by Hengki Lee
Untitled 3 by Diane Silverman
As Time Turns by Laurits Haaning
Call 911 by James L. Amos
Dreamscapes 5 by Howard Grill
Shadows by Karen Santos
Fear by Susan Mills
Four #3 by Tim Fabian
It's A Miracle by Gerhard Clausing
Sunrise Bridge by David Ruderman
Z 1 by Dennis Usdan
Untitled by Elin Dehn Dolle
Mirrored Existence by Robert Chrosciewicz
Visitor Series #86 by Carl Rubino
The Rapture by Susan Stone
Speed by Pierrot Jeannot
Secret Doorway by Kit Sniker
Love in a New Century #2 by Lyle Allan
Barnes and Noble #5 by Ron Draxler
The Release by Jon Fishback
Soul Survivor by Robert Preston
Street Parade Fasnach 12 by Richard Tucker
Polarity by Barbara Bender
Bittersweet by Eric Dillenberger
Ponte Sospeso by Silvio Balestra