Horned Mask by Paul Kiernan
Where Are You by Claudio Montegriffo
Untitled 6 by Elena Zhukova
Loneliness by Ehsan Ghasemi
Prayer by Candy Delaney
Train Education by Laurits Haaning
Live Catrina by Jill Flyer
Sheep Barn by Susan B. Griffith
The Seagull King by Daniel Ivan
Sinking Hall by Daniel Rarela
Desert Sun by Robi Chakraborty
Wrapped Statue I by Dolores Smart
Minimal by Tamara Danoyan
Engulfed by Mary Phipps-Seward
Off Balance by Emanuel Dale
Wrapped Statue J by Dolores Smart
Slow Burn by Lisa Haun
Lost Horizon 8 by Bill T. Saul
Bird by Don Russell
Metamorphosis by Luc Laflamme
Street Parade Fasnach 8 by Richard Tucker
Butterfly Face by Simone Reddingius
Ghost of the Mummy by TR Smith
Carnival last day by Silvestre Machado
Silhouette #4 by Saman Majd
MemoriaI V by Edward Eakins
Untitled 9 by Elena Zhukova
Their Prints by Laurits Haaning
Untitled 2 by Joubeen Mireskandari
May 26 #1 - Sparklers - Johnson City by Amanda Smith
Heaven Coming Down by Igor Svibilsky
Abstract by Stuart Brontman
Chandler Country by Larry French
Religious Desire by Ellen Semb Hagan
Delusion II by Lodiza LePore
The Dervish by Mark Greenland
Dancing With Myself by Melissa Lackey
Horse by Don Russell
Act of Disappearance by Dagomir Kaszlikowski
Found 3 by Lynne Mass
Shadow Backs by Khunya Lamat Pan
Cosmos 1 by Noubo Iida
Red Lips by Carole Usdan
No Escape by Joe Cressman
Dreamscapes 3 by Howard Grill
It Is Alive. SantaFe. NM. 2011 by Randall Boardman
Inside the Scrum by Bob Thomas
Stepping Out by Gwen Solomon
Mussel Earth by Mary Woodman
Untitled 2 by Curtis Salonick