Swirls by Andrew Ilachinski
No Wading by Gail Snowdon
Creep by Michael Turnbull
Intrusione Fortuita by Silvio Balestra
Rockefeller Ice Dancer's Bow by Kathy B. Shapiro
Travels with Marilyn by Brian Gilwee
Mannequin Cemetery by Bob Witkowski
Dream #04 by Swee Hoe Lin
HaiR 34 by Carole Usdan
The Tunnel by Diane Silverman
Swirls by Andrew Ilachinski
Anpanman by Shinya Ichikawa
Curio 5 by Carol MacLeod
Genesis by Gregory Talley
Montage 6 by Bob Witte
Conspicuous Consumption by Lee Grossman
Hair 17 by Carole Usdan
Untitled 8 by Derek Tyrone McClure
Leggere #3 by Enrico Nicolo
Untitled 8 by Eric Dillenberger
Chicken People by David Guidas
The Approach by Tina Marie Enos
Strange Angels 1 by Joseph Ruesing
Quarternote by Charles Albert Huckins
Aquarium by Stuart Zaro
Muse by Charles F. Mason
Roots by Gerry Giliberti
Untitled by Susan B. Griffith
The Apocalypse of Mary Magdalene-1 by Jung-Chan Liao
Illusion 2 by Martha Ketterer
Boxed In by John Stritzinger
La donna del mare #4 by Enrico Nicolo
Desk Snakes #D213 by Charles Grogg
Into the Abyss by Melissa Falen
Reflections at the Winspear No. 31 by Larry Hurlbut
Spooky School of Art by Alan Wood
Abstract Circular 44 by Joshua Myers
The Apocalypse of Mary Magdalene-2 by Jung-Chan Liao
Untitled 12 by Jeffrey Tamkin
Shadow & Cloud by Bob Nieman
A Room of One's Own by Sharon Arnold
Going Up by Keith MacDonald
Collage 9 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
People at an Exhibition #26 by Marilynn Waters
Conversation by Gwen Solomon
Christmas by Nash Lawrason
It's Locked by Leanne Trivett
They Said She Had Changed by Carole Usdan
Cover Up 1 by Ye Mimi
Second Thought by John Diephouse