Metaphor / Abstract

Rome 7 by Paulo Romani
Bunny's Secret Memory by Joseph Ruesing
Untitled 1a by Bijan Mottahedeh
Broken Shadow by Joycelyn Elaine Wilson
A Subconscious Belief by Joseph A. Rotindo
The Human Face Of Evil 1 by Curtis Salonick
Door Number 1 by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Storyteller Series by Mary Doering
Untitled 2 by Muhiba Botan
Shattered Delusions by Matthew Mu
Robot by Dudley Reed
Dia de los Angelitos by Kathy Cudlin
Cocoon by Fred Everett
Energy by Johannes Rigal
Fallling Moon by Melissa Falen
Hands  Of Hope by Zelko Nadic
Ephemeral #11 Evanston by Bob Tanner
Dust Imprint after the Impact by Rick Kattelmann
Bad Alchemy 1 by Aidan Abernethy
Collage 7 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Shadows in the Museum No. 6 by Gene Dominique
Mine Dump by Bob Hills
Lost in a Crowd by Lodiza LePore
Beach 10 by Brad Kim
They Dream of Wealth by Michael J. Parker
Untitled 3 by Bill Jackson
Fudachimi Shichi by Kowa Ikeuchi
Forgotten by Lee Grossman
Nestled #8 by JW Johnston
Untitled 13 by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Reminent by Dana Redick
Untitled Two by Gordon Ownby
Transference by Les Allen
When the Straight Way Was Lost by Michael Scott Pollak