Untitled 4 by Bijan Mottahedeh
Breaking by Tom Sliter
Helping Hand by Tom Robbins
Mt. Fuji by Kenneth Tyson
Puffer Pond by Thomas E. Janzen
Flower Garden by Jennifer Beser
Curwen & Woodward 3 by Cody Rasmussen
Lines in the Sand by Bernard Werner
My Curves, Self Portrait by Leanne Trivett S.
The Joker by Andreas Engelmann
Reenactors by Craig Nedrow
Magic Pages by David Cohen
Lines, Shapes and Shadow by Anne Dignam
I'll Be Watching You, Self Portrait by Leanne Trivett S.
Ramon's Parts by Jeffrey Weiser
Come Away With Me in the Night by Samuel Vovsi
Loman Garrett corncrib by Marty Olsen
Discussion about Mekka by Andreas Engelmann
Hi-Stylin' by Frank Dobrushken
Can't See the Forest for the Trees by Bernard Werner
Symonette Mask by Carl de Moor
Forest Floor by Carl de Moor
Solar Storage by Tom Green
Turbine by R. Michael DeChellis
Three Horsemen by John Rodrigues
Comin' 'Round The Mountain by Ken Sklute
City of Dreams by Samuel Vovsi
Last Nights Supper by David Pantuso
Plumbago Composition by Cheryl Slechta
Untitled 6 by Bijan Mottahedeh
Untitled 7 by Bijan Mottahedeh
Cherry Blossoms by Dylan Andrew Miller
The Daunting Oak by Eduardo Fujii
Approaching Storm by Lisa Norelli
The woman nature by Plamena Radukova
Vertigo, Self Portrait by Leanne Trivett S.
Solar Tulips by Tom Green
Flying Debris by Tom Green
Contained Curves, Self Portrait by Leanne Trivett S.
The Downpour by Ken Sklute
I Know, Self Portrait by Leanne Trivett S.
Solstice by John Diephouse
Unsettling by David Cohen
People of Dhaka #2 by Wilfried-Reinhard Koehn
Depression by David Pantuso
Abandoned Jesus by Sam Robbins