Vintage Images

Mother & Daughter Beach Day by William R. West
Oktoberfest by Bob Bader
1st A4 Fighter Pilot Mary Louise Jorgensen NAS by Douglas Carr Cunningham
Schloss by E. G. Coyle
Demolition of Terraces 1 by Jim Harris
Share by Bill Dixon
Student by Jim Lustenader
Speakers Corner 5 by Bob Bader
Untitled 1 by Jay King
My Father by William Bullard
1 Girl 2 Boys by Duane Straight
Man With a Camera by John Custodio
Professional Body Builder by William R. West
Appalachian Dancers by Warren Brunner
EasyRider by Bill Dixon
Artist by Jim Lustenader
Yanes & Padgona by William Bullard
Sunday Dress by Norm Snyder
Trademarks by Hank Webber
Reagan Determined by William R. West
Call Building by William Bullard
Boy with Rice Bowel by Robert Blum
Storefront by Jay King
Beer and a Cigarette by Matthew DeZee
Shipping Wheat by Carlos Caruso
Alley by William R. West
Ocean City Sand Waves by William R. West
Pastry Princess 2 by Otto B. Scherf
Burger Chef & Jeff by Bob Bader
Filming Disney World by Matthew DeZee
Charles Moore by Norm Snyder
Public Market by Boris Keller
Waiting by Warren Brunner
Boys with Old Motorcycle by Jurgen Dopatka
Nude by William Bullard
Nuclear Child by William R. West
On the Way to Maroon Bells by Patti Triba Jordan
St. Patricks Day Parade by Kathleen Fischer
Couple by Jim Lustenader
Showcase Sanitarium by William R. West
City Playground #1 by Myron Slabaugh
Fois Gras by Pamela Walter
Brandenburg Gate & the Wall by Bob Bader
Boy Racing Old Motorcycle by Jurgen Dopatka
The Boys by Gregory Stringfield
Light Sculpture by Stephen Bitel