Only Ghosts Remain 1 by Kat Hudeckova
Winter Afternoon by Judy O'Dell
Untitled 2 by Anne De Geer
Alleyway by Tom Kirkendall
Kachin Revolution Day by Sut Naw Shadan
Night Rails by T. Brian Hager
Pigeons by Adam Griffith
On the steps of Sacré Coeur by Taiwik David Chui
Dreamfence by Steve Condiotti
Virgin Mary Statue by Bohdan Hrynyshyn
One Tree by Tom Kirkendall
Tango in Plaza Dorrego by Philip Arnold
Michigan Law Quad by Glenn Taylor
Parc Monseau by Taiwik David Chui
Airplane 1 by Simeon Posen
Lucerna 4 by Milan Bobysud
Sunday Drive by Steven Taddei
Steps by Tom Kirkendall
Forty Nine Posts by Tom Ferris
Czech Soldiers by Philip Arnold
Railroad Bridge by T. Brian Hager
Untitled 2 from the series Trees by Geoff Delanoy
Untitled Pinhole 2 by Frank Kaczmarek
Interstate 5 by Tom Kirkendall
Chekhov Masks by Stewart Lewis
Rye Grass by Tom Ferris
Sculpture at TCC NE by Sut Naw Shadan
Waterside Windmill by Paul Dunlap
Cityscape Herald Square by Lilyan Aloma
Roller Boogie Palace by Matthew Barry
With the Tide by Kristin Ware
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Lotta’s Fountain by Steve Condiotti
Hayden Valley by Tom Kirkendall
Breakwater by T. Brian Hager
Snowgate by Dylan Smith
Black-eyed Susan by Carl de Moor
Walk  through Time by Bob St-Cyr
Crosses by Brian Dolzani
Airplane 2 by Simeon Posen
Untitled Pinhole 1 by Frank Kaczmarek
Monolith by Kip Kania
A Streak of Light Just Above the Morning Horizon by Pat Willard
Grand Canal Academia by Linda Fitch
Pathway by T. Brian Hager
Tjörnin by SameSource
Slipping by Bob St-Cyr
Time Square Times Two by Lilyan Aloma