Photojournal / Document

Signs of God #5 by John Conn
Harlem by Robert Virga
Fanatic-The Uncritical Devotion of the Spectator-11 by Douglass Dresher
Kneeling Woman by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Vintage cars racing at the Goodwood Revival by Douglas K Mayhew
Untitled2 by Marjorie Gurd
John Fernandes and Lenny Thatcher Corral Cranberries by Gene Dominique
Ringleader by Rudolph Finamore
Untitled 01 by Thomas Phoon
Passage of Covid-7 by Stuart Lieberman
Untitled 12 by Timothy Floyd
Untitled #6 by Peter Madero III
Trial by Fire by Ann Saffer
Secret Fan by Fatforehead
Gift of Self Expression 8 by Ellen Rosenberg
Closure by Mark Taylor
The Ice Sculptor by Karen Commings
Untitled #3 by Peter Madero III
Videoconference by Michael Brown
Into Construction Site #9 by Dae Won Park
Eyes of Fire Peoria Illinois 2020-11 by Elsburgh Clarke, MD
Race Fans in Period Costume Goodwood Revival by Douglas K Mayhew
Tornado 1 by Bob Neiman
Fireman rescuing dog from house fire by Elsburgh Clarke, MD
Sands of Time by Diane Michaud Lowry
Into Construction Site #10 by Dae Won Park
Seattle Protest 10 by Michael Medrano
Crab Pots 5 by Mitch Nelles
WW1 11 by Mikael Carstanjen
Spectator by Leigh Ann Shaw
Amish Children Journey by William West Jr.
Opponents by Chris Mozyro
Crossroads by Andy Sanchez Alcaraz
Anniversary by Jameson West
Spray Rig in Almonds by Jim Curnyn
Melissa's Grace by Chuck Conner
Crossing to Safety Sombrero Ranch CO 2018 by Maura Allen
Passage of Covid-5 by Stuart Lieberman
Brahmin Sacred Thread Ceremony by Robi Chakraborty
Eyes of Fire Peoria Illinois 2020 by Elsburgh Clarke, MD
BLM Rally 12 by Bill Livingston
Lathmar 3 by Robi Chakraborty
Slag om Grolle 2 by Peter Willemse
Seattle Protest 6 by Michael Medrano
K-9 Dental Work by Mark P. Taylor
Free speech by Jeff Wiles
Jackhammer by Hillary Greene-Pae
American Parade. by Jeff Wiles
Ace of Clubs by Bernard Werner
Portraiture by Jose Olivares