Goodbye Jews by Robert Fischer
Clown Shoes by Tyler Vance
Ice Cream for Marilyn by Carol MacLLeod
a Thousand Lilies 11 by Margrieta Jeltema
Back Breaking by Steven Lucas
Untitled-3 by Emanuel Dale
The Night at the Backwater Bridge by Tom  Harjo
Sweet Fresh Oysters by Lawrence Silverman
Checking Things Twice by Hillary Greene-Pae
Magdalenita by Ricardo Vinos
Travelin' Around by Richard Batch
Arm and Hammer by Nestor Novo
Blues by Martin Drapkin
Into Construction Site #5 by Dae Won Park
The Clinic at Village Health Works6 by William Bullard
Untitled 6 . Seattle by Bill Jackson
Selfie by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Barb by Chuck Conner
Smithy by Bob Bader
Sufi by Robi Chakraborty
Gift of Self Expression 4 by Ellen Rosenberg
Masquerade 1 by David Cohen
At the Speed of Life - Aspens by Denise Dethlefsen
City View by Stephen K. Hall
Living While Dying 10 by Jeremy Mims
Hell on Earth 1 by Casey Tan
No Corruption 10 by Silvestre Machado
Oysters with a Wine Chaser by Lawrence Silverman
Couple on Bench by Martin Drapkin
The Funeral by Sin Woo Kim
Watering Young Citrus Trees by Jim Curnyn
Kill the Rich by Bruce B. Barshop
Hope by Ronnie Conlin
Death #2 by Arvid Fimreite
I Want You by Roman Coia
Sally and Jack by Hillary Greene-Pae
Untitled #10 by Peter Madero III
Moscow. Southwest. A Car Repair Shop 1 by Anna Matveeva
No Corruption 05 by Silvestre Machado
End of the Rally by Bruce B. Barshop
Predawn Boarding by Steven Lucas
Cafe Window by Carol MacLLeod
Trading Stories by Hillary Greene-Pae
History is Watching by Bruce B. Barshop
Living While Dying 6 by Jeremy Mims
Hearts and Minds by Tom  Harjo
Cutting Peat by Bob Bader
SeaBee Service Dog and the Vet by Hillary Greene-Pae
Boarding by Steven Lucas
The Fog of Battle by George W.