Flowers / Plants / Fruit

From Gena's Backyard #2 by Robert Voorhees Jr.
RainDrops by Mac Titmus
Ask & Embla by Aaron Henry
White Iris II by Loren Nelson
Untitled 7 by Trent Foltz
Twins by Kirk Decker
Untitled #7 by Archie Hamilton
Shattered by Terrie Moeller
Poppy by Carole Topalian
Long Nose by Kirk Decker
Fall's Elegy - Rube Goldberg by Elizabeth Craven
Untitled 3 by Allen  E. Shifrin
Transluscent Flowers by James N. Vedder
Hostas by Jay Spilker
Ocean Botanical 6 by Allan R. Lamb
Stars by Margrieta Jeltema
1-Agave Filifera by Brian Grandfield
To Dust You Shall Return 5 by Malgorzata Kesik-Rymuszka
American Century Plant by Robert S. Finkelhor
Rose by Loren Nelson
Spring Shower by Mac Titmus
Untitled 2.  Hennepin Canal by Trent Foltz
To Dust You Shall Return 1 by Malgorzata Kesik-Rymuszka
Botanical Light-11 by Jack Curran
Ocean Botanical 2 by Allan R. Lamb
Fireworks Pretensions by Les Morgan
Juniper and Slickrock by Misha Gregory Macaw
Untitled 4 by Trent Foltz
Stars by Margrieta Jeltema
Untitled  9 by Allen  E. Shifrin
Lagonda under Wraps by Doug Mayhew
Stars by Margrieta Jeltema
Untitled 4 by Allen  E. Shifrin
Iris Study 4 by Loren Nelson