Pattern / Texture / Abstract

Windy Day by Mary Butler
Trees Dancing In Winter by Carl Rubino
Mattress Springs by Peter Ingrasselino
Walkway by Paris Carter
Untitled 7 by Ron Plumhoff
Wickerbasket by Kristin Kesting
Untitled by Randy W. Riddle
Surface Strike by Steve Zmak
Morph Shape Shifter by William R. West, Jr.
Painted by the Elements 7 by Carl Rubino
Feather Rain by Gregory Talley
Sandscape #6 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Lost in the Water 10 by James Hunt
Abstract by Norton P. Remes
Pop Art Pear by Mary Woodman
Heaven's Ladder by Dorothy Palm
Portal by Marie Keech
Sandshadow by Beamie Young
Libido Glacialis 01 by Duschan Tomic
Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge by KT Shiue
Untitled 10 by Miroslav Vrzala
Beaver Pond Multiple Exposure 6 by Carl Rubino
Water Series #7 by Larry  Gregory
Stonework 7 by Roy Money
Sandscape #1 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Down Below by Steve Zmak
Tiny Worlds by Steve Zmak
Untitled 11 by Miroslav Vrzala
The Afghan Series 9 by David Pantuso
Stream #2 by Larry  Gregory
Beaver Pond Multiple Exposure 1 by Carl Rubino
Paint Mix # 9 by Jerry Kay
Lost in the Water 1 by James Hunt