Desire Lines by LeeAnne Mallonee
Reiterate by Jerry Ranch
Flowing Gown by Mark B. Gardner
The Afghan Series 5 by David Pantuso
Chiseled by Marie Keech
Elephant Ear Leaves Creature by William R. West, Jr.
Flounder on Volcanic by Chuck Davis
Highrise Composite by William R. West, Jr.
Always Time for Paris by Dorothy Palm
Peak by Yanika Anukulpun
Untitled 4 by Anne De Geer
Cardon Trunk by Loren Haury
Cymbalum by Karl Leck
From The Bark of a Single Tree 9 by Carl Rubino
Painted by the Elements 12 by Carl Rubino
Wave Reflection by Michael Slack
John Grade Installation by John Lewis
Beaver Pond Multiple Exposure 5 by Carl Rubino
State and Adams by Sara Yerkes
Changing Seasons by Mary Butler
Paper Lampshade Creatures by William R. West, Jr.
Seaweed by Lee Gordon
The Afghan Series 7 by David Pantuso
Untitled 2 by Barbara Warren
Fulton Street Hub by Gwen Solomon
Textures and Structures 1 by Beata Podwysocka
Facet of a Sculpture by Daniel L. English
Nothing is Perfect by Wayne Thornbrough
Sandscape #7 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Water Cat by William L. Thomas
Untitled 1 by Barbara Warren
Vulpes by Karl Leck
Reed Bed by Stephen Hodgetts
Painted by the Elements 10 by Carl Rubino
Textures and Structures 2 by Beata Podwysocka
Libido Glacialis 07 by Duschan Tomic
Morning Ice by Mike-David Bliss
02 Snow Tracks I by Jurgen Dopatka
Stratified by Jerry Ranch
Churning by Aaron Henry
Ice Pattern #7 by Ann L. Krumrein
Sagrada Familia Ceiling by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Lost in the Water 5 by James Hunt
Pearls and Ribbons of Light by Jim Rossol
Companion Planes by Marie Keech
Monotone Forms by William R. West, Jr.
Concentric Hanging Lamp by William R. West, Jr.
Untitled 4 by Miroslav Vrzala
Power Sculpture by Michael Gannon