Point Betsie by Ursula Hoppe
BW Blue Water Marina by Lars Runar
Early Crossers by Roger Gaess
Devotee by Rachel Choong M.H.
Closed by Gary Wagner
Soaring by Gene Nemeth
Castle Row Stairway by Lars Runar
11 by Mary Doering
Getting Ready For The Day by Swee Hoe Lim
07 by Mary Doering
Central Park by Dan Gelhaye
The Island by Donna Parker
Enchanted Island by Mike Spector
Milk Can by Jeff Wiles
Venetian Canal by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Night Mist by Roger Gaess
Diana on the Beach by Douglas K Mayhew
Untitled 11 by Ron Plumhoff
Corvette Road Trip by Tony Williams
Benedectine Nuns at Prayer by Roger Gaess
On the Beach by Larry Kincaid
Migrant Family by Alex Braverman
Regla Ferry by Stephen K. Hall
Pin-ball Player by Roger Gaess
Whispered Secrets by Janos K. Lanyi
Misty Road by Rudolph Finamore
Lifeboat Launching Station by Tony Williams
Vegetable Market by David L. Robertson
Train Departure by Ross Deverson
Along the Beach by Jean-Pierre Kocher
The Shaded Parks of Bucharest 3 by Margrieta Jeltema
Silhouettes by Carlos V. Caruso
Hofskirkja by Jose Paulo Andrade
Clouds 1 by Franklin G. Moser
Colon Cemetery by Frank Fuerst
Audresselles 12 by Peter Willemse
Manzanar Internment Camp 2 by Michael Mirabito
Adrift by Emanuel Dale
At the Train Station by Jean-Pierre Kocher
All Seeing Eye - Hollywood Blvd by Cris Sandoval c.sand@verizon.net
Corcovado by Silvestre Machado
Havana Street by Ross Deverson
Cafe by Walter Pinkus
Vatican Staircase by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Dawn by Roger Gaess
Marketplace 6 by Ron Discipulo
Times Square Subway Station by Tony Williams
Weeping Willow with Sky by Roger Gaess
Holy Thursday by William Bullard
Botanic Garden by Eduardo Garcia