Barefoot to School by Robi Chakraborty
Tug by Richard Stocker
Amish Teacher & Student by William West
Joy by Perry J. Resnick
Mother and Child 4 by Shirley
Brother and Sister by William R. West, Jr.
The Barista by Sheila Bodine
Girl at the Last Desk by Anne Tapler White
Untitled by Jennifer Beser
Mother and Child by Gilbert Maker
Mom Can Heal Anything by Ellen G. Ingram
Awakening by Erika Masterson
Untitled 4 by Paul Italiano
Holding the Leg by Scott Fowler
Girl with Parakeet by Linda Hollinger
Cousins by Blake Kuehn
Untitled 8 by William Acosta
Guards at the Village Entrance by Elaine Heron
The Bubble 1 by Georgiadis Orestis
Untitled 1 by James Carroll
Joy by Budd Parker
Claudia by Margrieta Jeltema
Girl at the Window by David Pantuso
Untitled 4 by Mara Vodinelic
Young Ganadarios by Jackson Nichols
TL1 by Becky McKenzie
Flower Girl by Tyler Vance
Tesla 5 by Brian Peyton
On the Pier by Gary Matson
Pasquale and Child by Ric Savid
Merla with Rainna by Ric Savid
Waiting by Arthur Ransome
Summer in the Woods of Lilies (il Bosco dei Gigli) 9 by Margrieta Jeltema
Lake Reflections by Gregory Monroe
Tibetan nomad mother and 2 boys by Ginger Chih
cablecar ride by Wesley Maye
Ivan by Vera Saltzman
03-The Shaded Gardens of Bucharest by Margrieta Jeltema
Girl in Chair by Roger Spinti
New Understandings of Old Iron by Kenneth C. Evans
Three Boys by Doug Testa
The Taste of Tears by Margrieta Jeltema
Untitled 4 by Kat Kotula
Comfort by Arvid Fimreite
Child Caring for Baby by Elaine Heron
Untitled 14 by William Acosta
Untitled 4 by Walter Johnson
Women's Rights by Bruce Barshop
The Quarantine Sessions by Angelika Kilgo
Untitled 7 by James Carroll