Teach Your Children by John Diephouse
4 Champion Swiss by William Bullard
Big Hot Dog by Bernard Werner
When Babies Stare by Ellen G. Ingram
Girl by Margrieta Jeltema
Los Ninitos by Thomas Robbins
Daughter 3 by Saman Majd
Jandal Holder by Scott Fowler
The Birdman by William R. West, Jr.
At the Fence by Ron Cooper
Waiting for a Mermaid by Sandra Swanson
Arguesome Dance with the Waves by Joe Schwartz
Day Dreaming by Sorin Costache
The Tear by Michael P. Manheim
Nairobi Players by Bob Bader
Contentment by Peter Ingrasselino
Stella by John Lewis
Youthful Wonder by Brian Alan Brose
Burmese Child by Robi Chakraborty
10 Saturday Morning by William Bullard
Clown Seat by Bob Bader
Hug by Bruce Barshop
Ellis Island by William Bullard
Christina With Dog by Rebecca Moseman
What is That by Doug Testa
She Thinks She's Ugly by Glenna Rosenberg
Simple Joy by Steve Chinn.
Little Richie with a Gun by Oliver Klink
Childhood's Moments 3 by Sonia Braga
Boy by Marc Nolin
Lilja by Jennifer Arevalo
Fun at the Trough by Bernard Werner
Kibera 1 by Matilde Simas
Chinese Mother in Italy #11 by Margrieta Jeltema
Before Class by Anne Tapler White
Young Girl by Larry Snider
Dairy Barn by William Bullard
Expectations by Thomas Robbins
Two Young Monks by Larry Snider
Young Girl by Alison Woodward
Innocence by Larry Kincaid
Santal Child by Robi Chakraborty
Girl in a Doorway by Victoria Ruderman
Untitled 04 by Alan Hans
Sarah by Sion Michel
Oblivious by Bud Patterson
Secret by Bruce B. Barshop
American Parade by Jeff Wiles
The Babysitter by Jeff Wiles
Emma by Kate Auerbach