Corbin & His Pappap #31 by Kenneth C. Evans
Waramuri Mission School by Christopher Bolton
A Boy on a Bus by Jenny DeVine
Waiting for Mom by Bob Bader
Power Book by Steve Chinn
Untitled 9 by James Carroll
Untitled 12 by James Carroll
8 Santería Dancer by William Bullard
Hard Work Makes Thirsty by Leonie Ceulemans
Skyward by Linda Hollinger
Childhood's Moments 5 by Sonia Braga
Olivia by Diana Jex
Untitled 18 by Shirley
Kaida by Vera Saltzman
Mother and Child 2 by Okky Offerhaus
07-The Shaded Gardens of Bucharest by Margrieta Jeltema
The Delivery by Emanuel Dale
Hello Baby 4 by Dolores Smart
Sami at the beach by Christopher Meseke
Newborn by Diana Jex
Living Poverty by Rebecca Moseman
Living Hope by Anne T. Crans
08-The Shaded Gardens of Bucharest by Margrieta Jeltema
Bath Time by Toni Wallachy
Woman and Child by Don Brown
Rainna on Playground by Ric Savid
9 Kromeriez by Erkki Salomaa
Mother and Child 2 by Okky Offerhaus
Raqqa by Paulo Romani
Sowing by Bob Bader
First Haircut by Tom Zsolt
Tip of the Tongue by Steve Chinn
Boy with a Toy Gun by Rebecca Moseman
Death and Life by Ana Koder
Five Kids Schoolbound by Scott Brock
Wishful Thinking by Bob Bader
Untitled 3 by James Carroll
Malaria by Steve Chinn
Three Girls by Doug Testa
Untitled 2 by James Carroll
Aleppo 2 by Paulo Romani
The Artist by Anne Tapler White
The Pinanta Maker's Baby by Dolores Smart
Mother Touching Girls Face by Roger Spinti
Two Monks with Candles by Doug Steakley
Palmira Siblings by Paulo Romani
Camille by Terrie Moeller
Daily Chores by Oliver Klink
Two's A Team by Joe Schwartz
Nuns at Noon Meal by David Ruderman