A Small Devil Approaches by Dan McGarrah
Sheltered From the Rain by Anne Tapler White
Braids and Cornrows by Myron Slabaugh
Water Cycle #1 by Marilyn M. Baldi
Matching Wits by Bernard Werner
Love at First Sight by Jim Cook
Kigutu Academy by William Bullard
Faces in the Crowd by Steve Chinn
Fishing by Bob Bader
8 Black Bull by William Bullard
Sunday Morning by Barbara J. Holland
Boys at Ocean Beach by Mark Heitner
Vending Machine by Pal Han
Time is passing by by Ana Koder
Car by Sharon Madden Harkness
Thrilled by Gift by Byron Annis
Only One by Stephen K. Hall
From the series Sans Papier 1 by John R. Pepper
Underneath Them by Marshall Gould
Baby by Sharon Madden Harkness
Palaung Child by Doug Steakley
Mother and Child by Okky Offerhaus
Untitled 3 by Kat Kotula
Old School by Steve Chinn
Untitled 6 by James Carroll
Girl and Dr Bill by Roger Spinti
Henry by Byron Maldonado S.
4-H by William Bullard
Yum by Chuck Snow
The Benches 2 by Bjorn Bjornson
Discovery by John Meyering
Peto by Christopher Bolton
Mother and Child by Michael Medrano
6 Genova by Erkki Salomaa