Ali Baba by Per Erik Langaanes
Cards by Allen H. Reid
Three People in a Taxi by John Sarsgard
Jwlhyfer by Richard Man
Brutus at the Met by William Bullard
If the Wig Fits... by Leonie Moreland
Finding Kunta Kinte by Julian Martinez-Escobar
You Dont Know How To Ease My Pain by Mae Koo
3 Dick Gregory by Alvin Reiner
Craze Of Our Lives by Saba Anoushahpour
The Couple by Maria Bartola Mejia
Barrie Writing in the Dream Book by Richard Karp
Nursing Home 5 by Cynthia P. Wilcox
DAD by Tyler Vance
Owner of Japanese Art Paper Company by Don Brown
Hello My Friend by Melinda Adams
Vivian by Jeff Wiles
Entranced by Stan Singer
10-Shruti by Joshua Sarinana
Not allowed to smoke in the bus by Natascha Auenhammer
Destiny Signs by Kelvin A. Naar R.
Untitled 2 by Walter Johnson
Annie & Molie by Nick Brewer
Old Letter by Jean-Pierre Kocher
U Call That A Tip by Marvin Gerstein
Maintenance by Leonie Ceulemans
La Poupee by Don Conrad
Elephant Caretakers #7 by Bill Livingston
Cuba #10 by Scott Clarke
Untitled #3 by Alan Hans
Waiting by John Hildebrand
Mother by Saman Majd
Father and Brother by Saman Majd
Elliott #4 by David L. Robertson
09-Anna by Joshua Sarinana
Konyak by Robi Chakraborty
Laural by Kirk Decker
Shoe Shine Man by Lynne Mass
10 Blues at JB Farm by Alvin Reiner
Passing By by Bernard Werner
Mursi Mother and Child by Robert Blum
Unmasked by Mary Goodrich
People and the City #3-1 by Dae Won Park mp21park@naver.com
Hobolicous by Jerry Jividen
Untitled by Josh Morgan
Nesei Squatter by Joe Schwartz
Treasure Map by Steven Greenbaum
Victoria by Kit Snider
Untitled 19 by Dennis Luckenbill
Goat Girl by Kirk Decker