Dawoud Bey at the Whitney by William Bullard
Argument by Gene Nemeth
Katrina #4 by David Tucker II
The Old Woman by Michael Greig
West Side Grunge by Gwen Solomon
Untitled #1 by A. Lilia Smith
Italy Street 7 by Mark Colvin
Roosevelt of West Portal by Robert Blum
She II by Laura Eternod
Lovely Bones by Barbara McCabe
Man on a Bench by Laurie McGowan
5. Virginia Truckee Train In Black And White by Garry Gay
Marathon Man and His Cat by Ellen G. Ingram
Sadie at 101 by Jan Yarborough
Edith by Ralph Henzler
Train engineer by Abigail Gossage
Welder by Richard Karp
Waiting to Cross by Ron Cooper
UP by Steve Scheuring
04 by Mikael Carstanjen
The Kiss by Denes Darab
6. Dancin' Tonite by Jeff Blakely
Learning The Ropes by Chester Ng
Kaylee by Jean-Pierre Tibi
Chinese New Year by Olya Gary
Cause I'm Free by Javid Kamali
December21294 by Leah Macdonald
Bulldog by Michael Medrano
Tattoo Of Bobby by Hillary Greene-Pae
1 Smile by Keith Broadhurst
Untitled by Marjorie Gurd
Untitled 011 by Alan Hans
Old Bridge by David Ruderman
Four Worlds by Jeff Wiles
Black Diamond by Jean Wibbens
Looking Back by David L. Robertson
Rita Jean by Diane Norman
Tara Caballero Lost Princess Portrait 1 by David Nienow
David The Bruce Portrait by David Nienow
Selves by Leanne Trivett
Blue in the Sun by Steve Zmak
Policia by Michael Borg
Officers Puello and Lee by Cintia Malhotra
SideB 3 by Philippa  Stannard
Drag Queen Scott Free by Ron Cooper
Brutus and Caesar at the Met by William Bullard
Woman with Hat by Martin Drapkin
International; Contemplating by Olya Gary
Hi Mom! by Jerry Grasso
Reminiscence 7 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee