Eggs by Nathan Caplan
Sad by Lynne Mass
Miranda Tribute 3 by Glenna Rosenberg
Gay Pride No.11 by Michael Medrano
Lady Jola by Alicja  Gubala
At The Fountain by Michael Scott Pollak
Cuba Libre by Linda Barsotti
Steelworker with Facial Scar by Roger Gaess
Venice Beach Women by Jeff Wiles
Homeless by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Lonely Soul by Brian Alan Brose
Black out by Alex Hoffmaister
Sombrero by Vaughn Arthur
Perfect Cast by Bryan W. Flynn
Ceremonial Candles by Doug Steakley
Providers - Sales Needed by Elizabeth Craven
Spectacles by Vaughn Arthur
Untitled 5 by Kenneth C. Evans
Human trafficking survivor Shirley by Matilde Simas
Fashion Statement by Lee Grossman
Lost in Thought by David L. Robertson
Self-Portrait by Steven Greenbaum
86th Street Girl by Fatforehead
SideB 4 by Philippa  Stannard
Tamar by Vania Gabbay
Hat-2 by Wesley Maye
Man in the Mist by Thomas J. Conroy
Meditating Monk by Doug Steakley
Backseat Gaze by Brian Alan Brose
Sacred Valley by Linda Hollinger
05-Rachel by Joshua Sarinana
Friendship by Carlos Abraham
Hands 3 by Bjorn Bjornson
04-Bananas by Linda Omelianchuk