Boy From Alligator by Rebecca Moseman
I Could Love You by Jan Doyle
Melancholy 1 by David W. Love
Passion for Art by Lawrence Silverman
Fixing Umbrellas by Marjorie Gurd
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Far From Home by Keith Blandford
Bright Eyes With White Hat by Hillary Greene-Pae
Lost Girl by James Pryor
Mursal by Joseph Marranca
Man with Knife by Nathan Dean
8 Andrew (painter) by Keith Broadhurst
Ajmer 26 by Robi Chakraborty
Folsom Street Fair by Fred Blum
Whiskers-5 by Doug Testa
Guitar Edge #5 by Douglas Hall
Untitled 2 by Shirley
Dreads by Leonie Ceulemans
Solstice Parade by Michael Medrano
18th Century Blacksmith by Kenny Loubeau
Soldier by Liliana Novati
Standiing By by Emanuel Dale
Face in the Window by Robert Guido
Student Life by Dwayne Daley
Jaguar MK2 1 by Daria Troitskaia
Mallory Holding Dianthus Flowers by Sherry Garay
Greeting by Roger Gaess
Masks by Fred Blum
Kensington Market by Fabrice Strippoli
Sage by Bill Lund
Arlo by Michael Gora
SideB 10 by Philippa  Stannard
The Magical Power by Kwa Wei Ling
Vashon Grandmother 3 - detail by Richard Karp
Cris in Crisis by Kirk Decker
Feather Head Dress by Daniel Ashe
Gypsy Girl by Robi Chakraborty
On A Journey by Paul Arnold Ford
12 Old Man Behind Tewligans Tavern by Keith Broadhurst
A Sacred Land 9 by Margrieta Jeltema
Coffee Break by Robert Guido
Sawer by Paul Smits
Melancholy 10 by David W. Love
Irene by Gary Koenig
Brooding in Shanghai by Robert Davis
12-Helen & Ann by Bob Newman
Rancher by Tom Zsolt
Untitled #7 by Alan Hans
Jen Ambrose Porttrait 1 by David Nienow
08 Devastation by Jurgen Dopatka